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About Us

ACISAI strives to innovate new development pathways under the overall ambit of Sustainable Agriculture Intensification in the Asia-Pacific region, but not limited to, through research, education and training activities. Established in 2013, ACISAI serves as a regional platform for linking local, national, regional and international partners to fuel innovation for post-modern agriculture development.


Our offerings

Asian Centre of excellence for linking local to global actors and institutions to meet the goals of food security and environmental sustainability through generating and providing innovative solutions under the overall concept of sustainable agricultural intensification in the context of climate change.

Regional leadership and platforms for sharing and exchanges on the matters related to food security, climate change adaptations under the overall ambit of agricultural intensification.  

Co-generation of innovative technological solutions for sustainable intensification through action research.

Innovation in climate change adaptive technologies to enhance factor productivity and reduce GHG emission.

Mainstreaming agricultural Research for Development (AR4D)

Facilitating linkages between producers and market

Offer trainings and short courses in the areas of agricultural intensification, food security, climate change and smallholder market development.

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News & Events

Feature Projects

System of Rice Intensification in Lower Mekong River Basin (SRI- LMB)

Asian Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) project

Emerging Pest & Disease of Cassava in Southeast Asia

Save Food Asia