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ACISAI strives to innovate new development pathways under the overall ambit of Sustainable Agriculture Intensification in the Asia-Pacific region, but not limited to, through research, education and training activities. Established in 2013, ACISAI serves as a regional platform for linking local, national, regional and international partners to fuel innovation for post-modern agriculture development.


Asian Centre of excellence for linking local to global actors and institutions to meet the goals of food security and environmental sustainability through generating and providing innovative solutions under the overall concept of sustainable agricultural intensification in the context of climate change.

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Asian Center of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (ACISAI)

Gr. Floor, Outreach Building

Asian Institute of Technology

PO Box.4, Klong Luang,Pathumthani, Thailand 12120

Phone:+66-2-524-5823 ; Fax :+66-2-524-5828

E-mail: acisai@ait.asia

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